Performance data

Performance data


ECHL – 3
ECHL – 3 L

ECHL – 3 D
ECHL – 6

ECHL – 6 D


88 Watt/lfm

149 Watt/lfm

210 Watt/lfm


105 Watt/lfm

178 Watt/lfm

249 Watt/lfm


142 Watt/lfm

240 Watt/lfm

340 Watt/lfm


150 Watt/lfm

255 Watt/lfm

357 Watt/lfm


178 Watt/lfm

302 Watt/lfm

420 Watt/lfm

Energy-com skirting heaters are made in Germany and feature first-class materials, excellent energy-saving potential and simple installation. The base rail and panel are made from 2-millimetre thick aluminium featuring a quality powder-coated finish. The standard colour is “traffic white” (RAL 9016). Other RAL colours available on request. The water-fed heating element is composed of two copper pipes, one above the other, with diameters of 15 millimetres and wall thickness of 1 millimetre. The heat conduction plates are made from 0.2-mm thick trapezoidal slats that are pressed onto the heat conduction pipes. These plates are also made from copper since this metal features an especially good rate of thermal conductivity. The skirting boards are supplied in six standard profile types in heights of 150 mm – 300 mm and depths of 30 mm – 60 mm. The heating elements are provided in lengths of 2500mm and can be tailored to any desired dimensions. Conventional soldering fixtures, press fixtures or plug-in connectors can be used for joining.

Pressure loss and flow

Pressure loss

The system experiences a max. pressure loss of 0.4 bar. The longest permissible heating circuit is 14 running metres (rm) with a max. supply pipe of 20 running metres (rm). In total: 34 running-metre supply line. Verified: 68 m pipe 0.4 bar: 68 rm pipe = 0.01 bar / rm in system


tv in ºC
v = 0,75 m/sec