Innovative heating system

Innovative heating system for all types of properties

Modern heating today is characterised by environmental protection, sustainability and long-term (energy) cost savings. With an innovative heating system like the Energy-com skirting system, which is also known as a footboard heating system, you will not only protect the environment but also your wallet. As a company that is aware of the responsibility towards future generations and that knows the disadvantages of older heating systems well, we have specialised in developing innovative heating systems that can be used in private, commercial or public areas. Our heating system of the future, which works on the principle of radiant heat, can be installed easily in different homes of all ages and allows you to heat while saving energy and without burdening the environment or your capital unnecessarily. You can rely on innovation from Energy-com, and you will be impressed by the numerous advantages of our skirting board heating panels.

Innovation in the heating market

If you are interested in an innovative heating system, then we are your competent partner. We provide your property, whether it is a new building in planning or an old building in need of refurbishment, with our high-quality heating panels available in electrical or water-bearing variants. This will result in cost savings of up to 28% in heating costs compared to conventional systems such as floor heating or radiators. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the room, and cold zones and draughts are not a problem. For visual reasons, too, it is worthwhile to rely on our innovative heating system. Ugly radiators are replaced by visually appealing skirting boards that, thanks to their compact appearance, fit stylishly into the entire room and create a harmonious ambience while saving space. In addition, with this innovative heating system, you also do something good for your health, since an allergy-friendly room climate is created.

Skirting board heating panels from Energy-com are THE answer to requests for an innovative heating system. Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly heating, a healthy indoor climate and reduced energy costs – the advantages speak for themselves! Whether it is a residential building, a commercial building or a public building, our skirting board heating system can be used flexibly, can be operated with a wide range of energy sources and can be installed quickly, easily and retroactively. A persuasive principle!