Technology and performance

The water-bearing heating panel in detail

Mounting depth: 30 mm Mounting height: 160 mm

Base rail and cover are made of 2 mm thick aluminium with a high-quality powder coating. The standard colour is “pure white” (RAL 9016). Other RAL colours on request.

The water-bearing heat element consists of two superimposed copper tubes with a diameter of 15 millimetres and a wall thickness of 1 millimetre.
The heat conducting plates consist of 0.2 millimetre-thick trapezoidal lamellas pressed onto the heat pipes. We use copper for these heat conducting plates also, since copper has a particularly high thermal conductivity.

For a continuous heating panel length of more than 15 m, an expansion compensation between the copper tubes must be used. The strain relief is included in our product range.


Performance table

Power data


88 Watt/running metre


105 Watt/running metre


142 Watt/running metre


150 Watt/running metre


178 Watt/running metre

Pressure loss and Volume flow

Pressure loss

The system has a maximum pressure loss of 0.4 bar. The longest approved heating circuit has 14 m and 20 m supply line. A feed line of 34 running metres in total. Verifiable: 68 m pipe 0.4 bar: 68 lfm pipe = 0.01 bar / lfm system

Volume flow

tv in ºC
v = 0.75 m/sec


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