The principle

How skirting board heaters work - in short

How do skirting heaters work?

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Do you want to know how skirting heaters work? You are interested in the method of operation of skirting heaters, or need further information? We are here to provide the answers!

Energy-com’s skirting heaters ensure energy-efficient heating thanks to the special way in which they function, which also leads to a healthy and cosy indoor climate. The principle behind skirting board heaters is different to that of conventional heaters, such as radiators or convection heaters, which both essentially use the principle of convection heat. Heating from baseboards/skirting boards, such as produced by our skirting heaters, functions using radiant heat and is thus characterised as radiant heating. At first glance, our heaters look like a normal baseboard and are installed at the point of contact between floor and wall throughout the room. Depending on the model selected, they can be powered electrically or water-fed. Connecting the heaters to the hot water system is, in most cases, very simple, but if this is not the case in a particular building/room, electrically-powered skirting heaters are an ideal alternative.

Radiant heat powered by electricity or hot water

Once connected, the skirting heaters will evenly emit the heat across the walls and into the room for ideal warmth distribution. In contrast to conventional heating, the special operating principle of these heaters ensures there are no cold zones. Radiant heat enables optimal energy utilisation which, in turn, helps you reduce energy usage, make energy cost savings and protect the environment. Heating with electricity or water? These are ideal alternatives to the fossil fuels often used in conventional heating equipment. The electrical versions of our skirting heaters are fitted with heating rods that rapidly gain heat from the power supplied. Our water heaters, on the other hand, feature small water ducts in the interior that distribute hot water throughout the baseboard. Quick adjustments to the controls via thermostats can make a huge difference to energy efficiency. Switch to sustainable, low-cost heating using radiant heat and make savings of up to 28% compared to conventional systems and enjoy a healthier, more comfortable indoor climate – the eco-friendly way.

How skirting board heaters help improve health

Skirting board heaters offer even more than energy-efficiency and costs savings since their method of operation also promotes good health. In contrast to conventional heating, there is far less air circulation in the room, which is prone to catch dust and other particles and spread them around the room. This makes our heating systems ideal for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive noses. Air too humid or dry? Not with the heating board from, also known as baseboard heaters! The warmth is evenly distributed through the room to provide a cosy atmosphere, which also effectively combats the cooling effect of the walls. Damp spots and mould growth can negatively impact your health and even the building structure itself, but this is no longer an issue if you use skirting board heaters.

Space-saving, visually appealing & easy-to-use

The simple way in which skirting heaters work and their convenient shape mimicking conventional baseboards make this innovative alternative heating system the ideal choice for blending in with the appearance of many types of building and installation site. Energy-com skirting heaters can be built into almost any room – be it a new-build or historic building under renovation –and combine functional heating with a visually appealing piece of design. In contrast to conventional radiators or large fireplaces/stoves, these traditionally-styled skirting heaters take up next to no space at all. This means valuable floor space is left open for other possibilities. We supply a range of skirting heaters in various RAL colours to match any decor, which can be customised to your exact needs and blended seamlessly into the room. Whatever your style or wall type, our skirting heaters are quick and easy to mount. They can be installed either during the early stages of construction or into existing properties and are thus suitable for any house or apartment.

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