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Discover the meaningful references we’ve received in the areas of old building refurbishment, energy-focussed refurbishment or church refurbishment.

References for our work in various areas

Whether it’s a residential or commercial building, a church, a sports hall or a public building, heating panels are flexible heating alternatives that can be installed in almost any room or building. Skirting board heating panels can already be factored in when planning a new building or retrofitted during energy-focussed refurbishment of old buildings.

In bathrooms, WCs and other damp rooms, skirting board heating effectively contributes to combatting mould and high humidity. In stairwells or rooms with structural peculiarities, individual modules enable exact adaptation to the room. Energy-com heating panels are of course also suitable for sports halls, halls and public buildings to ensure economical and uniform heating. The use of our skirting board heating panels has also proven itself in church refurbishment, and apartments and caravans can be converted to energy-efficient heating systems with little effort.

Installation in plaster is possible. The panels can also be inserted into the skirting areas of furniture. They don’t take away floor space under windows. For high window fronts in front of balconies or terraces, they are a particularly attractive solution for avoiding condensation on the windows. A bottom-heating panel that is installed flush with the floor is available for windows that reach to the floor and sliding doors.

Take a look at our comprehensive references if you would like to be convinced of the versatility of our skirting board heating panels.