Refurbishment of old buildings

Refurbishment of old buildings with Energy-com heating panels

There are personal, cultural, economic and ecological reasons and values for the preservation and refurbishment of old buildings. Refurbishing an old building does not only consist of making it look nice again but is often a necessity. Mould, damp damage, salts in the plastering, damage to the structure, the sins of old-fashioned maintenance measures, such as the use of hazardous materials like asbestos, pentachlorophenol (PCP), formaldehyde, lindane or styrofoam, make refurbishment inevitable. Constructions technology, including electrical wiring, water and sewage pipes, sanitary installations, ventilation systems and heating systems, is also often modernised when refurbishing an old building, as this is not only necessary for the most part due to age but also recommended on energy efficiency grounds. At Energy-com, our energy-efficient heating system in the form of skirting board heating panels provides you with the opportunity of refurbishing the old building and making use of the advantages of radiant heat.

Here are some references where our heating panels were installed while refurbishing old buildings.